Who we are

A team of professionals always by your side

The team

From the first meeting until the big day.

We are professionals and for many years we have been organising weddings and events, adapting them to the wishes and tastes of each couple.

We would like to create a profound relationship with you, something that goes beyond the professional, to listen to and understand your wishes and work together.

In the end, what you will remember will not be the details, but the emotions: the deepest and most moving moments. You will remember the ‘I do’ from your partner because it will leave a mark in  your heart, the tears of your closest relatives seeing you so in love and the magical atmosphere created on your special day, all enriched with the most powerful feeling: Love.


Who we are

The strength of each member is the team

Ambrogio Gilardoni

General Manager
Taste, hospitality and nature.
Three words which encompass our company philosophy!
La Madonnina evenTeam provides a passionate group of experts with in-depth knowledge and experience in organising weddings and events!

Monica Sormani

EvenTeam Manager

Trust in the team, sensitivity and a careful eye for details: key elements that Monica uses to ensure that each couple is followed with maximum efficiency in organising the perfect day. As evenTeam Manager, Monica coordinates and manages the team, guaranteeing quality and fun for the newlyweds.

Debora Sormani

Tenuta La Madonnina Manager

Passion, empathy and the will to make the couple happy on the day they have been dreaming of so much, satisfying every need and desire: this is what drives Debora to take care of Tenuta La Madonnin

Gaia Ferroni

Foreign couples manager & coordinator

The curiosity about foreign couples’ traditions is the element that inspires Gaia to work with husbands-and-wives-to-be from all over the world. She is the person in our team dedicated to destination weddings and that coordinates the team when the couple comes from abroad.

Gaetano Orlando

EvenTeam Executive Chef

Enthusiasm, passion and a strong desire to amaze the palate of the couple and their guests in order to offer a culinary experience, not just a lunch or dinner! For this reason, the key point is the creation of personalised menus, satisfying the taste of the couple and adding Gaetano’s twenty years of experience to enrich the reception and make it unique.

Salem Hamd

Chef Tenuta La Madonnina

His interest in and knowledge of extra-European cuisine drives Salem Hamd to work with the evenTeam, giving his contribution, especially when it comes to ‘multicultural’ weddings

Filippo Masciadri


The kitchen conveys tranquillity and serenity to him and he believes that the La Madonnina team is a positive environment, which makes great things happen from little things.