Welcome Dinner or Brunch

Tenuta La Madonnina di Barni is not just an exclusive wedding venue!

Tenuta La Madonnina di Barni is not just an exclusive wedding venue!

Are you planning your destination wedding on Lake Como and looking for a venue for your rehearsal dinner or brunch?

Located in a breathtaking setting, immersed in the timeless beauty of Lake Como and in the heart of Italy, Tenuta La Madonnina di Barni is the perfect place to welcome or bid farewell to your guests the day before or after your wedding.

The Enchanting Lake Como Setting

Imagine being surrounded by the calm of the sparkling waters of Lake Como as the sun gently sets behind the Grigna mountains, welcoming you with one of the rosiest sunsets and creating picture-postcard memories. Our venue is strategically positioned to offer you a spectacular and unforgettable view of the lake.

The Venue Immersed in Nature

Our venue is immersed in nature and evokes the very essence of Northern Italy and Lake Como. With its rustic design, it creates a sense of warmth and authenticity. You’ll be surrounded by trees, meadows, horses, fragrant flowers, and a gentle breeze from the lake, creating a magical atmosphere that will make your guests feel like they’re in an unforgettable Italian dream.

Excellent Dining Experience

Italian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its excellence. And your event at Tenuta La Madonnina di Barni will be no exception!

Do you prefer a Pizza Party or a Barbecue? Why choose?
Our Welcome Dinner menu includes both!
Our expert chefs will prepare delicious dishes using fresh and local ingredients. You’ll taste our cured meats and cheeses, pizzas and various types of focaccia, and a show-cooking barbecue to delight your guests’ palates.

Did someone mention Gelato and Sorbetto? Or have you heard of Sicilian Cannoli?
Yes, we have those options too!

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In This Italian Paradise
Don’t let your welcome dinner be ordinary. Choose our enchanting venue on Lake Como to create precious memories in a corner of Italy that will stay in your heart. Contact us today to reserve your date and start planning an extraordinary evening. We are eager to be part of the journey towards your big day in this picturesque Italian oasis and to be a part of your Destination Wedding on Lake Como.

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